Swim for a Mile

Research had found that swimming was the most popular form of sport and exercise for Irish adults and that swimming is one of the few sports that can be enjoyed over an entire lifespan.

Swim Ireland devised a 12 week campaign to promote the health benefits of swimming and to encourage more of the 230,000 people who swim in Ireland each week to become confident life-long swimmers.

TV presenter Laura Woods and former Irish Rugby International David Wallace, together with Today FM and the Irish Times, joined Swim Ireland for their 2016  Swim for A Mile  campaign.


Swim for a Mile. Melanie Nocher, Laura Woods and David Wallace 11/1/2016


Sarah Keane, CEO of Swim Ireland: “Swimming is one of the only sports in which people of all abilities and ages can get involved. Through Swim for a Mile we aim to show this and to encourage everyone to get involved and get active. The Swim for a Mile programme has been specifically developed in line with the Department of Health Guidelines on exercise and aims to encourage people and give them the tools to embark on a new healthier lifestyle. We were delighted with the 2016 initiative and the impact it has had in terms of growing the sport and encouraging as many people as possible to experience the benefits of swimming.”


David Wallace and Melanie Nocher 11/1/2016

1,317 swimmers participated in the event with nearly 6,000 people signing up to the program. The platforms social media following grew substantially and there was an estimated PR value of €1,187,217 stemming from national and regional print, broadcast and online throughout lifestyle, health and sports media.