Corporate and Public Affairs

Single Market

The Challenge

To use the opportunity of the 20th Anniversary of the European Union’s Single Market to improve the visibility of the Single Market and to strengthen its image as a dynamic tool for new growth. The objective was to highlight the benefits to all citizens of the European Single Market but also to recognise the challenges it currently faces and to engage in dialogue with EU citizens to gain an understanding of their views and priorities for the future development of the Single Market.

Our Response

We worked closely with the European Commission to develop and promote Single Market Week 2012, including developing a central event in the European Parliament to interact and involve citizens with varying levels of knowledge of European Affairs about the relevance of the Single Market to their everyday lives.

Our work included developing and implementing a pan-European strategy to ensure involvement by the identified target audience in Single Market Week, developing a website dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the European Single Market and promoting and disseminating information relating to the European Single Market.

We were also responsible for identifying and working with a wide range of actors and stakeholders to ensure a successful communications campaign, undertaking focus groups, online surveys and analysis to ascertain the views and priorities of European citizens on the Single Market.

The Results

Created a new and dynamic event format which engaged citizens across the European Union who could participate in the event in real time using social media and online voting

The campaign reached out beyond the usual stakeholders to create awareness of the 20th anniversary of the Single Market amongst ordinary EU citizens in all Member States

90% of the people who attended the event said that it had improved their understanding of the European Single Market

Exceeded client expectations and received a personal letter of thanks from Michel Barnier European Commissioner for Internal Market and Services