The Challenge

To devise a creative online PR campaign to raise awareness for Siúcra’s Sure-Set Jam Sugar, dispelling the myth that jam-making is difficult and to drive traffic to Siúcra’s website and social media channels.

Our Response

WH devised an engaging and memorable event, to capture the attention of media and influencers.  The idea was to encourage interaction with the product in a creative way and drive talkability online.

Tapping into current food trends, guests were invited to a berry foraging and hands on jam-making masterclass hosted by much sought-after life and food stylist Jette Virdi.  An event space in Ely Place was transformed into a woodland complete with real berry plants so guests could pick their own fresh in-season fruit before learning how quick and easy it is to transform it into jams using Siúcra Sure-Set Jam Sugar.  On departure, guests received a wicker basket with Siúcra product, fresh berries and a jam-making kit to encourage them to experiment at home.

The Results

The event was well attended by key food and lifestyle media and influencers, with strong social media engagement using the chosen hashtag #allsetwithSiucra

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