Liberty Insurance One Family : One Game

The Challenge

Liberty Insurance, a new brand to the Irish market, needed to show their commitment that they were here to stay.  For the first time ever, they brought together Ireland’s oldest field games; Hurling and Camogie.

Our brief was to create an innovative sponsorship campaign that would firmly establish Liberty Insurance as a committed sponsor of hurling & camogie, which in turn would illustrate their commitment to the Irish market.

Our Response

Hurling and Camogie had always been treated separately by the governing bodies, media and sponsors, we believed that to the players and fans they were simply part of the one family and seen as the one game. This insight underpinned our strategic planning and approach to deliver an integrated sponsorship campaign, positioning hurling and camogie on an equal platform. We called it One Family: One Game.

 The Results

  • The campaign exceeded all KPIs clearly establishing Liberty Insurance as a brand that’s here to stay
  • 51% of adults felt the sponsorship demonstrated commitment to the market
  • Sponsorship awareness among fans reached 4-in-10 and 1-in-5 among all adults (target 30%)
  • ‘Future Consideration’ was 20% higher among those aware of sponsorship compared to those unaware (target 3%)
  • 15-20% uplift achieved across 6 brand image attributes: innovative, fair and decent, acting responsibly, doing the right thing and caring for the community, value for money; representing the brand’s core values (target 2%).


  • Best Business to Consumer Sponsorship Winner, European Sponsorship Awards 2013
  • Best Sponsorship AIMS 2014
  • 2013 Excellence in PR Award Winner