Electric Ireland – Electric Picnic

As a product, energy is functional and intangible. The market is extremely competitive with mass switching going on. How to retain and win customers using a sponsorship platform was the key challenge


People want to feel liberated and connected through the power of music. Festivals bring out our best selves in a way that is electrifying.


We developed the #90sPowerParty and brought 90s nostalgia centre stage with pop icons from the decade to deliver a fully integrated, phased PR campaign earning the brand the title of ‘most impactful’ sponsor at the annual festival despite big budget competition from Heineken and Bacardi


Most impactful brand: 58% (followed by Heineken, 47%)
29% of festival goers attended the Electric Ireland tent
Unprompted awareness: 62% (+8% on Heineken (54%), +27% on Three (35%), +28% on Bacardi (34%).
605,098 Social accounts reached
3,540,526 impressions
Total reach 20+ million