Electric Ireland Team Ireland – Sports Sponsorship

ESB, the national electric supplier, had decided to rebrand its consumer offering as Electric Ireland. WH was tasked with finding a major sponsorship to help facilitate the change of name.

Our Response

The single biggest event worldwide in 2012 was the London Olympics. WH felt an association with the Olympics could be the answer to the ESB challenge. WH identified Team Ireland, Ireland’s Olympic team as a perfect vehicle to achieve this. The Olympics transcend sport and with the games being held in London this was going to be a “home” Olympics for Ireland. The sponsorship was at the heart of a major Electirc Ireland communications campaign that featured athletes’ involvement across all communications platforms. Electric Ireland became “the energy fuelling Ireland’s Olympic Team.

The Results

  • An Electric Ireland awareness of 78%.
  • A 93% recognition of Electric Ireland as part of ESB.
  • Electric Ireland best known sponsor of Ireland’s Olympic team.
  • 99% of respondents believing the sponsorship was appropriate/worthwhile.

The campaign has won several awards including:

Irish Sponsorship Awards

  • Best Sport Sponsorship (Event) – “Official Energy Partner to Team Ireland” for the London Olympics, Electric Ireland
  • Best Use of TV in Sponsorship Activation – “Official Energy Partner to Team Ireland” for the London Olympics, Electric Ireland

The Marketing Institute All Ireland Marketing Awards

  • Sponsorship Management Award

PRCA Awards for Excellence in Public Relations

  • Best Use of Sponsorship