Corporate and Public Affairs


The Challenge

DoneDeal was founded in 2005 by Fred and Geraldine Karlsson, to provide an easy, safe marketplace for people to buy or sell all sorts of things. The business has steadily grown to become Ireland’s fastest growing online classifieds website.
DoneDeal required a PR agency that could generate media awareness, define the essential elements of the DoneDeal brand and implement a PR programme that would build the business’ media profile from its low base in early 2009.

Our Response

A PR plan was developed for ongoing PR that was built around sustained media relations incorporating news announcements, interviews, case studies, and events.
The strategic approach taken by the WH Team which included a half day Strategic Communications workshop, a programme of media/key influencer introductions for DoneDeal, a co-ordinated one-to-one interview briefings session with profile opportunities for the company’s owners and directors and consumer PR programmes that engaged with the key stakeholders as appropriate.
WH issued press releases and targeted the business/marketing media to get DoneDeal’s message across to potential media buyers/advertisers. For example, WH leveraged DoneDeal’s association with various Business Awards to leverage various publicity opportunities.
Releases related to award accolades presented to DoneDeal were used as new hooks to secure further media interest in the form of interviews/commentary pieces. WH also closely monitored DoneDeal’s website traffic statistics and used particular milestones, such as the achievement of over 2 million visits per month to establish and confirm DoneDeal’s position as the number one site for online classified adverts.

The Results

WH has worked with DoneDeal since April 2009 and we have overseen communications of the firm’s transition from a small “bedroom start-up” style operation to a highly professional organisation that has attracted investment from one of the largest media organisations in the world.