AIB on top at IEG

Sarah O’Connor, head of Sport at WH shares five things to take away from day two at IEG:

All about experiences

Focus of much of the featured activations has been around creating unique experiences for citizens (not consumers!). Loren Angelo, Head of Marketing for Audi USA outlined their partnership with Airbnb to showcase the R8 in the US.

Live Sport on TV has moved beyond the tipping point

The drop in live NFL viewing figures (9% in regular season & 6% in the playoffs) has convinced some that live sport on TV has moved beyond the tipping point. Not that TV is dead with game 7 of last year’s NBA playoffs between the Cavs & the Golden State Warriors being the most viewed NBA game every. What is clear however is that consumption habits are changing and so the way and manner in which sports content is offered will need to change also.

See NFL Redzone TV (

Think Family!

There are opportunities to be gained from taking a whole of family approach to brand partnerships and activations,.

Corporate Social Opportunity not Responsibility

Cause marketing has featured large at #IEG2017 and yet brands spoke about the need to sell what is in it for them! CSR as really about brand opportunity not just responsibility.

#TheToughest measures up well…….

Representatives from Australian agency Gemba said that #TheToughest would be going up on their wall on the agency for work they wished they had done. UC Davis said they were blown away by the quality of work produced by the campaign. “The best presentation at IEG2017 to date” said others.

Fact of the Day: An American football match lasts 60 minutes but the actual average game is 3 hours 10 minutes despite the ball only being in play for an average of 16 minutes!


AIB on top at IEG