Get Your Socks off !

Socks & Sandals – Ireland’s greatest male faux pas


Mycosan Fungal Nail helping men and women to “Get Your Socks Off” ahead of Summer


Get your socks off! That’s the message from Irish women in a survey released today from Mycosan Fungal Nail, as men wearing socks and sandals is considered the very worst fashion faux pas[1]. The sock/sandal look was closely followed by the infamous ‘mun’ aka the man bun and the ‘too tight’ t-shirt in making Irish women call the fashion police. Research also showed 58% of Irish men and women agree that fungal toenails are a huge turn off, with body odour (78%) and bad breath (71%) also topping the poll. A further 28% said they would strongly consider not dating someone if they found out they had a fungal nail. To help you get your socks off this summer, Mycosan Fungal Nail –an effective, easy-to-use nail fungal treatment that gives you visible results in just two weeks – has created a list of top tips for men and women to ‘nail’ getting their feet ready for summer.



One in four of us will get fungal nail at some point[2], with men being up to three times more likely to have a fungal nail infection than women[3]. An infected nail will not get better on its own; it must be treated! Fungal nail can be both a painful and embarrassing problem as it creates discoloration, thickening and scaling of the nails[4]. As nearly a quarter (23%) of all adults claim that well-groomed feet are ‘toetally’ important when choosing a partner, Mycosan Fungal Nail has teamed up with Foot Health Specialist Janette Pegley-Reed to create a list of simple tips to help you maintain healthy beautiful looking feet this summer and prevent and treat fungal nail infections:


  1. Trim your toenails: Keep them short and cut them straight across – file them to prevent spikes that can cause ingrown toenails
  2. Prevent infections: Use Mycosan Fungal Nail to prevent fungal nail infections or treat existing ones so they don’t spread to other toenails. Mycosan Fungal Nail is proven to be four times more effective than nail pens and has been clinically tested to treat fungal nail in just 90 days
  3. Go Barefoot: Going barefoot in warm and sweaty environments is a great way to let your feet breathe. Alternatively wear open toe sandals
  4. Keep your feet clean and dry: Thoroughly clean and scrub your feet and ensure they are completely dry as fungal organisms thrive in warm, damp environments
  5. Protect your Feet: Fungi love environments such as communal showers, swimming pools and changing rooms so avoid going barefoot in these environments
  6. Use Sunscreen: Ensure you apply sunscreen to your feet – tops and soles – they are as vulnerable to sunburn as the rest of your body
  7. Get rid of the callus: Remove hard skin from your heels and the sole of your feet by using a foot file. Use a foot cream, such as Dermatonics Once Heel Balm to help soften hardened heels
  8. Treat your Feet: Give your feet the five-star treatment by using a cream with 25% Urea and popping a pair of cotton socks on them at least once a month
  9. Ditch the polish: Give your toenails a chance to breathe. Do this by avoiding nail polish for a month, this prevents any discolouration damage
  10. Avoid sharing footwear: No matter how tempting your best friend’s shoes are – avoid borrowing them so you don’t pick up any extras!
  11. Visit your Foot Health Professional: Make regular visits to your Foot Health Professional, as they will ensure you maintain and improve your foot health


Oliver Dingley, Olympic diver said, “As a professional diver it’s really important for me to pay close attention to my foot health. I train and compete in pools across the globe and have picked up fungal nail infections over the years as they are contagious and an unfortunate side-effect of spending so much time in the pool. So now I have to start protecting my feet and checking them daily so I can concentrate on the important stuff – winning!”


Foot Health Professional Janette Pegley-Reed, Reed Footcare Clinic said, “Summer can be problematic for people affected by fungal nail infections as they are self-conscious when wearing open-toed sandals and many are even inclined to wear socks and closed shoes. This can be worse for their foot health and can encourage the spread of fungal infection.” Janette continued, “I’d recommend treating a fungal nail infection and I would encourage everyone not to leave it too long to prevent the spread or worsening of any fungal infection of the foot. The new treatment Mycosan Fungal Nail makes it easy to treat and can even prevent unsightly and often painful fungal infections.”


Fashion blogger and TV presenter Ciara O’Doherty said, “I love when it’s time to swap the boots for sandals, but I also make sure my feet are worthy of what they’re slipping into. No one wants to have to hide their feet, especially on the beach so make foot upkeep part of your routine and then you just have to decide which pair of fabulous sandals to treat yourself to this Spring/Summer – I’ve got my eye on a cute pair of espadrilles!”




Mycosan Fungal Nail survey also found that Jamie Dornan (28%) topped the pole as the celebrity Irish females would most like to play footsie with, ahead of Tom Hardy (23%) and Ryan Gosling (14%). With Irish males choosing Amy Huberman (18%) followed closely by Katy Perry (16%) and Emma Stone (15%).


Mycosan Fungal Nail, available from pharmacies nationwide, is proven effective and active against fungi that cause fungal nail. It is an easy and fast solution, with visible results in just 2 weeks! Always read the label. For more information visit: or look for the fun and informative “Get Your Socks Off” video with Oliver Dingley, Ciara O’Doherty and Janette Pegley-Reed on Twitter: @OliverDingley / @CiaraODoherty on Facebook: @oliver.dingley / @CiaraODohertyOfficial on Instagram:  @oliverdingley / @ciaraodoherty






About the research:

Research was conducted through an online survey across a nationally representative sample of 1,047 adults aged 18+. Quotas were placed on gender, age, social class and region with weighting applied to ensure final data was representative of these quotas. Research was conducted amongst members of Empathy Research’s proprietary research panel. Fieldwork was conducted from 20th – 26th March 2017. The sample size of 1,011 results in a margin of error of +/- 3.2%


[1] Survey by Empathy Research on behalf of Pamex Ltd. on 1,047 Irish adults in Ireland in March 2017