ESB’s Great Electric Drive Ambassadors Cover 105,000km and Pocket Fuel Savings of €13,500

ESB announced today that the first Great Electric Drive, which got underway in September 2012, has drawn to a close with 21 ambassadors covering a total of approximately 105,000 kilometres of pure electric driving.

  • Electric car Ambassadors drove on average 300 kilometres per week with two covering more than 400km
  • Combined fuel cost savings of €13,500 were achieved during the period of the trial
  • The electric cars cost less than 2 cents a km to fuel and the average motorist could achieve annualised running cost savings of almost €2,300
  • 90% of  journeys were taken in the ecar in preference to own cars
  • Three quarters of charging was done at home with fast charging proving the second most popular method.

ESB ecars Manager, Dermot McArdle said: “We are delighted with the success of our first Great Electric Drive and feel the savings achieved and the perception change of the ambassadors, speaks for itself. ESB is installing a nationwide network of charge points with 95% of major towns and cities having access to EV charging infrastructure, which makes electric vehicle driving a realistic alternative to traditional means of transport in Ireland. I am pleased to say that the ambassadors have shown the real benefits and cost savings of electric driving and proven that ecars are not only a viable option but a smart option for the future in Ireland.”

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