Container Coffee officially opens for business on Thomas Street

The Digital Hub is delighted to welcome the official opening of a new alternative café being located on the lands of The Digital Hub at 161 Thomas Street, The Digital Hub, Dublin 8. The commercially operated new café, named Container Coffee, is the brainchild of entrepreneur Gordon Hickey and is ideally situated near one of the most popular tourist attractions in Ireland, the Guinness Storehouse.

Container Coffee will provide a convenient retail offering to both companies based in The Digital Hub and members of the public at large who are in the vicinity of the Thomas Street area of Dublin 8.

The café has been set up to seat 10 people inside and is wheelchair accessible. Measuring just over 27 square metres with an outside patio area for additional seating outside, the new café can be accessed from within The Digital Hub campus and directly off street on Thomas Street. Container Coffee operates from 7.30am – 5.30pm Monday to Friday and from 9am – 5pm on weekends. The café proudly stocks Cloud Picker coffee along with tasty treats from local bakeries and gourmet sandwiches like Roast Cauliflower, Smoked Cheese with bechamel and chilli.

Only biodegradable coffee cups are used and the café’s aim is to be a plastic free venue. Caring for the environment and the use of eco-friendly products is high on its agenda.

Gordon Hickey, founder of Container Coffee said: “I am absolutely delighted to be a new coffee stop in The Liberties.  This has been a venture that has been months in the making and I am excited to be trading in Dublin 8. I am hoping that Container Coffee will become a regular spot for local workers to get their daily caffeine fix and for the many tourists in the area to stop, refuel and gather some information on the area. I am thrilled that The Digital Hub gave me a chance to set up on their land and I hope to be a part of the street scene for a long time to come.”

Commenting on the decision of The Digital Hub to support Gordon in opening Container Coffee on Thomas Street, Fiach Mac Conghail, CEO of The Digital Hub said: “Gordon captured our interest immediately. The team at The Digital Hub recognise ‘entrepreneurial spirit’ straight away, and Gordon has that. Given our commitment to the urban regeneration of the Liberties area, it was a no-brainer to help an entrepreneur open a new retail business that will be a great addition to the streetscape and the community, which includes residents, students and the almost 750 workers at The Digital Hub.

“That is not to mention the 1000’s of tourists that pass through Thomas Street weekly, in particular those visitors to St. James’s Gate and the Guinness Storehouse. Gordon and Container Coffee will be a great addition to the Local Business Forum too and we wish him well with his exciting new venture.”

Container Coffee founder, Gordon Hickey, approached The Digital Hub in late 2016 with an enquiry about a vacant space as he was interested in renting the spot to open a unique new business. Gordon had a vison to create an offbeat café by placing a shipping container on the empty land at The Digital Hub campus. Gordon was inspired to start the café in such an unconventional space after working in the TV industry, as he was previously involved with a show about doctors travelling around Ireland in a medical clinic that was setup in an easily moving container.

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