Captain Morgan calls on the Irish Government to acknowledge ‘Pirate Talk’

Captain Morgan and a large crusade of his pirate shipmates gathered to march outside Dáil Éireann, as a well-rested parliament reconvened after their summer break. The Captain is spearheading a campaign to have ‘pirate talk’ recognised as an official dialect here in Ireland by the Irish Government.

In advance of tomorrow’s ‘International Talk Like A Pirate Day’, Captain Morgan wants to reignite the maverick spirit of pirates that exists in all of us by celebrating their ancient seafaring dialect of the English language.

To highlight the cause and attract as much influential attention as possible, the Captain congregated with over 20 pirate peers as they chanted and waved placards, enticing passers-by to sign their ballot. The peeved pirates are inviting the Irish public to cast their ballot in two ways; either via Twitter by tweeting #Yay or #Nay followed by #PirateTalk or through Facebook by taking part in the official poll.

Captain Morgan said: ‘We be here outside Leinster House to get these parliamentarians in ship shape ‘n get them to recognise ’tis ancient seafarin’ dialect. I’m callin’ on all th’ buccaneers out thar to tap into their maverick spirit ‘n get votin’ #PirateTalk along wit’ #Yay or #Nay.’

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