Boost your run with top tips from Katie Taylor

Thursday, August 14, saw WH hold a press conference with a difference for our client adidas. We invited along some key members of the media to interview Katie Taylor over a jog to launch the new adidas Energy Boost footwear, BOOST™. We call it the “press confeRUNce”.

The newest model of the iconic Energy Boost has an improved fit, look and feel to help runners embrace the road with confidence and style. Energy Boost provides unrivalled responsiveness with heel to toe BOOST™ foam that stores and returns energy to ensure the more energy you give, the more you get.  BOOST foam is made of thousands of durable Energy capsules that maintain their soft cushioning season after season so every run with BOOST feels like the first.  The new Energy Boost also provides improved comfort with an elegant stretch mesh upper that hugs the shape of your foot and allows for added ventilation to keep your feet cooler during runs.

Regardless of the environment you run in, Energy Boost is unwavering. BOOST cushioning remains consistent in any weather condition while standard EVA expands and hardens in varying temperatures. From the sweltering heat to the blistering cold, BOOST maintains its cushioning properties. The flexible Torsion System effortlessly adapts to any surface and remains stable through every stride.

“Energy Boost allows runners to focus on the path ahead by providing a consistently comfortable and energetic run every time they lace up,” said Adrian Leek, senior vice president of adidas running. “BOOST responsive cushioning and the supporting technologies in Energy BOOST eliminate unwanted variables and provide runners with complete confidence.”

Katie Taylor’s top running tips:
Get a running buddy

Surround yourself with positive people! It’s hard to keep motivated to go out for your daily run in our lovely Irish weather, so I find having someone to run with makes all the difference.  Find friends that share the same goals or even join a local running club.

Get out early
It’s so much harder to motivate yourself to go out running after working all day – I find it much easier to train in the morning.  If you can get even an easy run in before breakfast, it really is true that you will feel better for it for the rest of the day.

Change it up
Try mixing up the pace in your run by using the area around where you live or work for inspiration.  Sometimes I’ll challenge myself to reach the end of the pier in Bray in a faster time or I’ll head up Bray Head to get an extra challenge.  I find hill training helps me build strength, endurance and power.

Stronger, more flexible, faster
I do lots of different training to make me a stronger, better boxer so don’t underestimate the benefits of regular core and cross training (such as swimming) to help you achieve your running goals! Pilates in particular is something that can really help and is great for preventing injuries.

Get some sleep!
So, you are not going to be able to get out for that early am run without a good night’s sleep! Your body needs rest to recover and adapt to the new challenges you are giving it. Also,  I snack regularly between meals to ensure I maintain consistent micronutrient levels and avoid blood sugar dips
It’s a practice worth following.

Boost Your Run!
Training through Ireland’s varied seasons is a lot more pleasurable in the right gear.
Lightweight, wicking, running specific clothing in the summer; breathable, light, waterproof clothing in the winter.

Ensure you  run in shoes that are suited to your gait but are also lightweight and promote a natural foot strike. The new Energy Boost provides unrivalled responsiveness with heel to toe BOOST™ foam that stores and returns energy to ensure the more energy you give, the more you get

Energy Boost is available now from Lifestyle Sports and in four colourways: striking pink, frost mint green, white, and black.