INTERVIEW: Niamh and Martyn, Ireland’s Young PR Lions

For the first time in the 60 year history of the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, a special competition, the Young PR Lions, has been established to recognise the best young PRs in the world. The team representing Ireland at the Young Lions are our very own Niamh O’Keeffe and Martyn Rosney. We caught up with them in the midst of their preparation to find out more.

What does the Cannes Lions festival of creativity mean to you?

Niamh: It’s a fantastic opportunity to learn and be inspired by innovation and advances in all the different aspects of our industry.

Martyn: For me, Cannes is the ultimate festival for creativity for the communications industry. Every year it raises the bar for excellence in our field by rewarding the tremendous work from around the globe. It also sets the agenda in terms of the master classes and seminars that take place during the festival.

Does winning a Cannes Lion matter?

M: Definitely. Simply put, if you win a Lion then your work is the best.

N: Absolutely! In a challenging economy and highly competitive market place, a Lion is a shining example that you represent the best of what the industry has to offer. I can think of few other industries where one set of awards are so highly coveted.

Is PR creative enough to win against our advertising friends?

N: Everyone who takes part in Cannes is a story teller in one form or another. I think 2014’s competition will show that PR professionals are some of very best story tellers in the business.

M: Although PR was only added to the Festival in 2009 we have been making strong inroads in to the festival over the past few years and I have a feeling 2014 is the year that PR really comes to the fore at Cannes.

How are you feeling about the Young PR Lions?

M: As it’s the first year of the competition we’re not sure what to expect. We’re excited and nervous! We’ve put in a lot of hard work in preparation for the competition and we’re hoping it will pay off next week. We’re also looking forward to the festival as it will be a great opportunity to meet some of the young PR professionals from around the world and learn from the global leaders and innovators in the industry.

N: I think we are both very keen to showcase the very best our talent and creativity and prove that the work we do at Wilson Hartnell is world class!

Niamh O’Keeffe @niamh_okeeffe and Martyn Rosney@martynrosney are both Account Managers at Wilson Hartnell, Ireland’s leading PR agency and Ogilvy PR’s Irish office. They will be representing Ireland at the inaugural Young PR Lions competition at the 2014 Cannes International Festival of Creativity.